Ephesus model

Jan 28 – Ephesus’ Characteristics – Rev 2:2

Vs 2 – The church had the following characteristics. They were people who did things. There works of righteousness and truth were evident to the Lord. They were hard working. Evangelism, prayer, preaching, serving the city in all ways they could. They were also people who had been through great persecution. At the time of the writing the church was under a empire wide purge and persecution. John was on the island of Patmos because of this. This church was a persevering church. They were a church that did not tolerate wickedness or evil. They stood up for truth.

They had tested people’s claims and if they were false they would prove them otherwise. The acid test of any person of God is what they do with Jesus Christ. Did He come in the flesh, was He virgin born, was he crucified, buried and rise again. Did He allow His body to be broken and did He shed His blood. All these and more is the acid test for truth and falsehood. Jesus had stated that it was by their fruit you would know them.