Dec 17 – Faithful – Psalm 145:14-15

The Lord is faithful and upholds all who stumble and fall. It is so wonderful to know that when we fall the Lord is there to pick us up, dust us off and start with us again. He lifts up those that are bowed down. Life can be cruel and unfair. The devil is in the business of robbing, killing and destroying. He shows no mercy and gives no fair treatment. Life can bowl us over or make us bow under its weight but the Lord is there to straighten us up and give us another chance. I am so glad that He is the God of the second chances.

There are people looking to you. In that moment you will be able to help them. Our mandate is to use our time, talents and resources to help others. This was the motivation behind William booth when he started the Salvation Army. One time Booth was asked to give the mandate of the Army in one word and he said, “Others.” There are those that need us. When we help others we are doing to Jesus in his distressing disguise. When we do it for the least of these we are doing it to Him. Others need us today. Do not be so selfish to not help others. We will one day be judged on it.