False Teachers

False Teachers – Matt 7:15-20


Jesus reveals the truth about false prophets and teacher.  First they come in as part of the flock.  They appear on the outside to be righteous and truthful.  In reality they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Finis Dake says there are seven ways you will know a false prophet.

Their outward general conduct.   By their inward state.  By the kinds of works they produce.   By the fruit that comes from the doctrine they teach.   By professing to do the will of God and yet their life demonstrates they do not.   By the fact that satan is backing them.  They are causing division, strife and dissension.   By their destiny.

By their fruit you will know them.  Good men produce good fruit.  Jesus uses an agriculture analogy

familiar to His audience.  Good trees produce good fruit.  Bad trees produce bad fruit.  The destiny of a corrupt tree is being cut down and cast into the fire.  A good tree will always remain.  BY their fruits you will know what is in the heart of an individual.  Jesus also reveals here what is waiting for the false prophet or teacher, hell fire.