Father of the Faithful.

In Romans 4:12-15, we are presented with Abraham who has been called the Father of the Faithful.  Paul continues with the thought of faith by the example of Abraham.  It took much faith for this man to follow God.  Abraham was promised a land but he lived in tents all his life.  He was promised many offspring but he had only one son of promise.  He was promised a son when his wife was well passed child bearing age.  Yet through all this believed God.  Even though Abraham did not see God’s promises in his lifetime, God was faithful in keeping the promises He made to Abraham.  One thing you can have confidence in, is the fact that God will keep His promises.  All you have to do is keep the faith.  When you pray you can have confidence that God will answer.  The angel Gabriel revealed to Daniel that even before the request was out his mouth, God’s answer was already on the way.  It may take time but you will never be disappointed.  Your promises today are:  Deut 31:6, Psalm 16:11, 25:9, 32:8, Prov 11:3, Isaiah 45:2, John 16:13 and Rev 3:8.  Your insighful sayings are:  Avoid the way of the drunkard.  It leads to poverty, loneliness and destruction.  A man who loves his wife will have a home where grace and love flourishes.