Favor and Honor

In Psalm 84:11, David says that the Lord God is our sun and shield.  He is the one who brings light and protection in our world.  His light guides our way through life and He protects us as we walk.  What a wonderful promise to know the Lord will give His light to where ever we walk and He will keep us safe.  Then David says, that the Lord bestows favor and honor.  As the Lord’s beloved we have been given divine favor.  We did not get what we deserved because of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is that bridge between us and God.  The grace of God has been given to us and we are the righteousness of God in Christ.  The Lord honors us.  He tells every one that we are His child and He is proud of us.  The Lord looks at us with rose colored glasses.  He look at us through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Then David says that no good thing will He with hold from us.  It is marvelous to know that when we pray the Lord not only hears us but answers quickly.  Jesus said, "Ask anything in my name and you will have it."  What a wonderful promise.  James reminded us in James 4:2, that we have not because we ask not.  What is it you want to see from God?  Ask and you will receive.  The Lord will not hold any good thing from us.  David then closes off this verse with this thought.  The condition for all these blessings is that you walk blameless before the Lord.  You love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and then love you neighbor as yourself.  You must make a concentrated effort to serve the Lord.  It requires you to watch your speech, thoughts and words.  It means presenting your life to the Lord everyday and when you sin, ask for forgiveness right away and keep short accounts with God.  The blessings of God are wonderful and all you have to do is walk in God’s love.  So today do that for His praise and glory.