Feast of Dedication

Feast of Dedication –  John 10:22-39

                Jesus was by the temple in Jerusalem when a few people came and asked Him to tell them plainly if He was the Christ.  Jesus told them that they didn’t believe when He told them and even His miracles did not help.  He then went on to say that His sheep will hear His voice and no one can snatch away those that belong to Him.  The Father is the one who has given these ones to the Son.  He then tells them that He and the Father are one.

                The Jews who were there were offended and they picked up stones to which Jesus replied, “which one of my miracles are you going to stone me for?”  They replied, “None, you claim to be God.”  Jesus then told them that it was God who had sent His very own Son into the world.  They did not believe Him when He told them about te Father.  They had not learned that the Father and Son were one.  They then tried to stone Jesus but He got away because His hour had not come up yet.  You are bullet proof like Jesus until your hour is up.

                Jesus then left Jerusalem and went back to where John had baptized people.  Many people came to see Jesus because of John’s testimony and in turn they believed in Jesus.  This is call the TransJordan withdrawal.