Follow God.

   In Prov 4:5-6, Solomon points out the importance of wisdom for the person who follows God.  Solomon when he went to the town of Gibeah to offer sacrifices  to the Lord had a dream.  In this dream the Lord asked Solomon what he would like.  Solomon asked for wisdom that he could lead the people.  The Lord was so pleased with this request that He gave Solomon wealth, fame and power along with wisdom.  Solomon then used this wisdom to rule the people.  James 1:5 says, "If we lack wisdom, let us ask the Lord and He will give it liberally,"  Wisdom is something that we all need and so many of us do not use.  As you read proverbs you will find great truths about wisdom.  I would suggest that you write them down to be able to refer to them at a later time.  God may one day ring a piece of truth to your heart when you need it most.  Your promises today are:  Deut 4:10, 5:29, Psalm 25:12-14, 19:9 and 34:10.  Your insightful thoughts today are:  A miser is never great to live with but he makes a great ancestor.  The difference between inlaws and outlaws is that the outlaws do not promise to pay you back.