Follow sound teaching

In Acts 2:42, there are four concepts that led the church in the book of Acts.  First and foremost they kept themselves to sound doctrine.  They loved the Word of God and kept themselves on the right track.  Good solid Bible teaching is essential to know the will and plans of God.  Next, they loved fellowship.  They knew that the local church was where people could be saved, healed, restored and then sent out.  Making yourself accountable to others is so important.  It keeps you from going off track.  They help you when you feel lonely, lift and encourage you.  You then in turn do that for others.  Part of that fellowship was having meals together and talking around the table.  Much of our social activities still centred around food.  It is a time when we can be ourselves and let others see the real us.  Lastly they were people of prayer.  They loved not only to pray alone but together.  There is something beautiful when you pray together.  It unites you.  All the above is essential to a healthy growing church.  So today join a healthy church and begin to do what has been recommended and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.