Food for Thought

   I cannot believe that we are already finished the first quarter of the year and it is spring, though yesterday our April Fools joke was that we had snow.  Today in 1 Kings 2:1-4, David gave his son Solomon a charge which is food for thought for us today.  First, Be strong and show yourself a person following the Lord with all your heart.  Secondly, Keep under the charge of the Lord your God.  Thirdly, Walk in His ways and keep His statutes, commandments, ordinances and testimonies as it is written in the word.  Fourthly, If a person follows these things they will have success in everything that they do for the Lord.  Fifthly, We are to help our sons to walk in the ways of the Lord.  Both you and they are to serve the Lord with all their hearts and soul.  Lastly if we do, then the Lord will always be on the throne of our hearts.  Good advice for the start of another month.  Your promises today are Psalm 27:14, 29:22, 46:1, 68:28 and 118:14.