Forgive us as we forgive our debtors – Matt 6:12

Forgive us as we forgive our debtors –  Matt 6:12


This next subject of prayer is priority number one.  Jesus closes off the Lord’s prayer with an addendum about what happens when you do not forgive.  So for the next couple days I want to focus on the importance of forgiveness.  First, forgiveness is not an option it is a command.  There is a reality however and that it is a real struggle when you have been hurt.  The cycle of hurt works this way.  You get offended or hurt.  It begins with thinking about the offence.  This leads to a strong thought where you think more and more about the hurt.  This leads to taking the offence into the imagination where you may the offence bigger than it is and justify your course of action.  When fully thought through it becomes a stronghold where friendships and relationship become broken.  The conversation goes like this.  Why did they hurt me?  They must have done it on purpose.  I am so hurt. I hate them and I will have nothing to do with them.   The cycle of hurt works this way.  Your get hurt, your nurse the hurt and then you curse the person who did it.  This creates a wall between you and then and forgiveness becomes harder unless one of you deals with it.

The problem with your hurt is the offender most times does not even know they did it.  In fact most cases they would be shock to know that they did it.  The Bible says that once we find out a hurt had been committed either to us or was done by us we should go and make it right.  Keeping short accounts with God and people is healthy and allows the devil no room to exploit the unforgiveness for his own means.