Forgive us as we forgive our debtors – Matt 6:12


Jesus lays the foundation for forgiveness.  It is evident that Matthew in his writings was deeply committed to forgiveness.  In Matt 16:15-17, Matthew outlines the path of forgiveness.  Matthew of course understood forgiveness because before he became a disciple of Jesus he was a tax collector, a despised profession.  In Jesus Christ he received three things, forgiveness, love and a new start.  When you are forgiven much you love much.  Jesus through the words of Matthew says, when you are hurt go and make it right as soon as your become aware it.  If the person does not receive you then bring someone you both trust and respect.  If the matter is not settled then bring it before the church and if can not be settled than break fellowship.

We must make every effort to forgive because our own relationship with God is at stake.  If we do not forgive the Lord will not forgive us and we are hindered in our spiritual growth and development.  So today make forgiveness your priority and un-forgiveness something to avoid.