Four Elements of revival

Today, I want to focus on the four elements of people who want revival and they are based on 2 Chron 7:14.  This scripture has been used over the centuries as a key verse on creating and bringing a revival.  Revival means to bring back to life that which has been allowed to burn down or almost go out.  The Canadian church has been relatively ineffective in the last 20 years to stem the tide of unrighteousness that has been running rampant in our land.  The church is the key for this turn around and here are the four things we have to do.  First, we need to humble ourselves.  We must be willing to put away our selfishness, pride and stubborness and get serious with God.  Next we need to pray.  Prayer is the thing that moves the hand of God.  I am not talking about pray that is meaningless or rote but prayer that cries out in desparation and says, "God we need a revival."  Thirdly, seek His face.  We must be persistent and make our requests known to God.  Isaiah in Is 62, says that we are to remind God day and night of what we want.  It is not that God is deaf but He wants to see if we really mean it or is it one of our momentary fads.  Lastly, we are turn from our wicked ways.  Unless the last is present we will never see a move of God.  Purity brings power and nothing else will.  God needs to see a serious and pure people.  Then He will move.  The promise of this verse is that God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.  Today let us do this for the glory of God and for the salvation of others.