Freedom in Christ.

Romans is such a wonderful book.  It tells of the freedom that we have in Christ.  Romans along with Galatians are the two books that explain so powerfully the freedom given to the Christian in Christ.  Paul says that because of Christ there is now no condemnstion in Rom 8:1.  The sentence of death that had been hovering over the sinner so long is now gone.  We can stand because of Christ as people forgiven by God with all condemnation and guilt gone.  The Old Testament saints were looking for such a day.  But praise the Lord it has finally come.  There once was a judge whose son was to appear before him for a crime committed.  The father had no choice but to sentence the boy to a large fine.  Then something happened.  The judge then took off his robes of justice and went to the clerk and paid the fine.  He then said to the courtroom.  "When I was the judge, I had no choice but to sentence my son, for the law demanded it, now because the sentence has been passed, I can now can be a father and pay the fine for my son."  This is a picture of the Father in heaven.  He knew mankind who was created in His image had to be sentenced.  So He sent Jesus Christ to pay the fine.  Now because of that act we stand in freedom with no condemnation.  Your promises today are:  Roman 8:1, John 3:16, 1 Cor 5:17 and Gal 6:1.  Your insighfful sayings are:  Atheist’s are a funny group.  They spend so much time trying to disprove something they do not believe in.  Atheism is like going on a trip where you do not know where you are going and when you will arrive.