Fruit of Love

Fruit of Love – Rom 15:28-29

Vs 28 –  So once Paul has completed his task and has made sure the saints at Jerusalem have received this fruit and material blessing of love.  He will come to see the Roman Christians on his way to Spain.  Paul is a man with a plan.  This letter is in a way a letter of introduction and anticipation of what Paul wants from the Romans.

Vs 29 – Paul will be full of the full measure and blessing of Christ when he comes to see them.  This is not a statement of hope but belief and truth.  Paul knows that when a person does the will and plan of God they will be filled to overflowing with God’s Spirit and blessing.  Paul wishes to deposit in them what he has in other places.  Are you intentional in being a blessing this week I want you to be purposeful in what you do.  The Holy Spirit has a plan and He wishes to use you to accomplish it.  Are you open to Him?