Fruit of the Spirit

In Gal 5:23-23, Paul talks about the fruit of the Spirit.  These are the attributes of the Spirit that are exhibited in the life of a person who has allow the Holy Spirit to flow through them.  We need to look at ourselves at the temple of the Holy Spirit.  He wishes to exhibit His fruit through our lives.  Think about this, The Holy Spirit wants to show through us, love, joy and peace.  You can be gentle, kind, patient, self control and righteous.  These are qualities that everyone wantd to show and have working in their lives.  These are qualities of the Holy Spirit.  The fruit of the Spirit is design to bring changes to those around us.  The Holy Spirit will help you to see these working in your life every day.  You can show love with no strings attached.  You can have peace in every situation and communicate this peace in the lives of those you come into contact with.  You can have joy in every circumstance of life.  That deep seated contentment, knowing that God has everything under control.  You can be gentle and kind to people even those special sand paper people that from time to time rub you the wrong way.  This is what the Holy Spirit wishes to give you.  So today be open to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to make you a vessel in which this fruit is shown.  This will bless you and others whom you come into contact with.