Gain the whole world.

In Matt 17:26, Jesus gives a dire warning about gaining the whole world and losing one’s soul.  Today people are falling into the age old trap of trying to secure a future by getting possessions.  Recently I had a conversation with a fellow Christian about investing in hard assets such as silver and gold.  Now the principle behind this is very sound but silver and gold will not secure a future.  Only a strong relationship with the Lord will make that happen.  We live in a very prosperous country in fact never has there been such wealth and prosperity available as there is today.  But it is this access to prosperity that is our greatest adversary.  Mother Theresa came once to North America at the invitation of President Clinton.  He showed her all the beauty and wealth that America had to offer.  He thought this would impress her but when she gave her address to the national leaders she shocked them by saying this.  "America has such wealth but you use it for all the wrong things.  Your have children being killed in the name of convenience, you spend all your wealth on yourself so your country has the greatest waste of resources."  She then went on to say that North America has a great problem. We have wealth but not in spiritual things.  Our prosperity has destroy our ability to hear and know God.  She asked President Clinton to give her the children that America did not want and to send her the wealth it has to help the poor around the world.  She understood what Jesus was talking about when He said, "You can gain the whole world and lose your soul."  Many today are exchanging their soul and future for trinkets and bobbles.  Not a good exchange or  investment.  I trust you will not fall into this trap.