Give Thanks

Aug 28 – Give Thanks – Psalm 105:1,4-5


     In this Psalm the writer begins by telling their audience to give thanks to the Lord and call upon His

name.  Praise and worship is the launching point for seeking and calling on the name of the Lord.  It

releases God’s presence into our lives and helps us focus and get into a place to receive from the Lord. 

We are also call to make His name known among all nations.  This is a reflection of Matt 28:19 where

Jesus tells His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  Our world is to be changed by

The message of salvation and truth we bring.

     Look to the Lord for strength.  The Lord is our strength.  His joy flowing through our life gives victory

And power in every situation.  This strength comes when we seek the Lord always.  It comes from face

to face contact.  Remember the wonders and miracles He has done.  This is another way of saying, count

your many blessings and see what God has done.  The Lord had been good to Israel.  They had been

delivered from Egypt, given a new land and now they were at the peak of their influence in the world

during the time of David.  They had seen miracles, wonders and now they have God’s word.  They were

truly blessed.  Today the church has been given this same privilege.  Through Jesus Christ we can see

signs, wonders and miracles.  We have His word and it can heal and restore us.  Let us rejoice and gives

thanks throughout this day.