Given for us.

Isaaiah saw some 700 years who the Saviour of the world would be.  He saw this individual as a person who would come for all mankind.  "For unto us a child is born and unto us a Son is given.  Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of this prophetic view.  The salvation He offers is for each one of us and it is personal.  The one thing I love about being a human being is the power of free will.  We have the power of choice.  It is our choice to do evil or good, to live well or not.  We have the free will to chose salvation or not.  Of course with every choice also come the consequences with it.  In the case of salvation, the choice of accepting it is eternal life.  Christmas is about giving to others.  God gave us His Son and we get a chance to give to others.  My exhortation for you today is give yourself to others and be a blessing and you will fulfill the Spirit and meaning behind Christmas.