God calls His own.

In Luke 5:27-31, we have the calling of Matthew the Tax collector.  One thing that really impresses me is the fact that God is willing to call anyone from any profession to Himself.  Matthew was such a man.  He was a tax collector hated by the Jews.  Yet, Jesus saw in him a potential for the Kingdom of God.  Jesus saw the heart of this man.  Jesus Himself, taught the religious folk of the day a very special lesson on how the sinner needs to be saved.  It is not people that are o.k. that Jesus came to reach.  Over the years I have met many who minister to the street people.  God has a special love for these people.  Christ when He was walking through the towns of Judah ministered especially to these people.  Jesus did not look at the outside, He always looked at the heart.  When you look at people always look for the good in the heart.  Your promises today are:  Prov 3:11-12, Isaiah 38:17, Jer 31:3, John 3:16, Rom 5:5, 8:37, Eph 2:4-6 and Phil 1:6.  Your Insighful Sayings are:  Living in the last days helps us to focus on making the maximum impact in the minimum amount of time.  Sportmanship is the ability to lose gracefully and not to make excuses for yourself.