God is our Champion

In Deut 27:19, we discover that God has always had a place in His heart for those that are not as well off as a normal person.  God has always championed the cause of the homeless, orphan and strangers.  He knows man’s unfair ways and practices.  The problem with free will is that with great goodness is also the problem of great evil and prejudice.  We live in times where the justice system is not fair to all people.  There was a young man recently released from prison for a crime he did not commit.  It was found out through DNA evidence that he was innocent and that a witness had lied.  He was finally released after 14 years of jail.  One of the charges that the prophet Amos brought against the nation of Israel was that the justice system was corrupt.  This would finally bring down his nation along with idolatry.  Let us as Christians bring the cause of the widow, orphan and the stranger to the forefront.  Let us do something about meeting their needs for the glory of God.  Let us not leave it to the left politcal system that leaves God out of the equation.  Your scriptures today are, Matt 17:20, Rom 10:17, John 3:15 and 1 Cor 12:9.