God is Supreme

In Psalm 135:6, David talks about God being over all and in all.  God has made all things and He is supreme over all things.  There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing that can stop Him.  Recently I had a discussion with a man about the supremacy of God over the universe.  This man had brought up the subject and he could not fathom the rality of a supreme creator.  He said that He could not figure it out.  I told Him that there are some things he has to take by faith.  Creation is God’s greatest witness.  He tells of His excellent greatness and His ability to create something out of nothing.  The second thing God uses to reveal Himself is the conscience,  We know internally that there is a God because His voice speaks to us through our conscience.  So we have God speaking us externally and internally.  My exhortation today is that you let God speak to you and let Him have reign in your life.