God is True

God is True – Rom 3:4-6


Vs 4 – Paul answers His two questions.  Not at all.  God will always be true.  Every man will be a liar but God cannot be any thing but true.  To lie would go against His character and nature.  Lying is part of man’s make up and character.  Paul then quotes an ancient Jewish writing. “You have to prove you are right in your words and prevail in truth in how you judge others.”

Vs 5 – Paul points out that our unrighteousness brings out God righteousness.  There is a clear distinction between what we bring to the table and what God does.  Can we say that God is unjust when He brings His wrath upon us?  Never!  Paul points out that he is using human arguments in this analogy.

Vs 6 – Man does not right to tell God how to judge.  He cannot be unjust.  He is righteous and He can judge the world fairly.