God is with you

In Psalm 23:4, David reminds us that no matter how dark the valley or how hard the path the Lord is with us.  He is the one that will guide us through the storms of life.  There are times in our lives when it is so dark and hard that we wonder if we are going to make it through.  This is the time to trust the Lord.  He has been faithful in the past and He will be faithful now.  One of life’s most diifficult questions is why God allows dark valleys and hard paths?  The answer is that these are the times we grow to trust Him.  They are designed to make us better not bitter.  How we react is so important.  We can get bent out of shape and mad at God and others or we can say, "Lord I trust you."  When we do that then we are well on our way out of the trial because our attitude has changed.  We see this times as a time for growth.  Here is a perfect example from nature.  In the spring a good gardener will prune back a tree or bush for better growth.  At the time the poor tree looks barren and not good but later on in the season the plant looks healthier and better.  The reason is because the old dead growth has been taken away and new growth is allow to flourish.  It is like that in our lives we need to get rid of the stuff that hinders our growth.  These things hurt at the time but when they are gone we are better and more useful people to God and ourselves.