God lends to us

In Prov 19:17, Solomon relates both a truth and a promise.  The truth is that when we give to the poor the Lord will reward us for what we have done.  This is also a promise.  When you lend or give to those who cannot give back to you the Lord will reward you.  This promise can be both material or spiritual.  God is very concerned about the poor and in the Bible it is commanded that we minister to the poor.  Jesus said in Matt 25, that when we help the poor we are ministering to Him.  Solomon was a very generous man.  He knew the power of sowing and reaping. When you give it shall be given back to you.  The greatest reward is the feeling you get when you help othes.  God has wired in our DNA a desire to help others.  When we break out of our cycle and view of selfishness, great things happen because we begin to see the needs of others and there is a desire to help others.  God uses us and we see His love and help in action.  It is so wonderful to be used by God and to help others.  Solomon also points out here that when we lend or give to the poor we are lending or giving to God who made all people in His image.  I know that we do not do it for personal gain or reward but the promise is the Lord will reward you.  So go and change someone else’s world today for the glory and praise of God and do not be surprise when a reward comes your way.