God listens to us.

In Psalm 34:15, David states that God watches over the righteous and listens to their cries.  What a wonderful promise.  First, to know that God is watching over you.  He knows everything you are doing and facing.  He sees what is happening at the beginning and He is with you through out all of it.  He knows how it will turn out and what lessons you will learn from it.  He sees how it will affect you in the long term.  How it will either make you better or bitter.  So in the midst of every situation you need to ask yourself and the Lord.  "Lord, what should be my attitude through out this situation?"  How can I grow through this?"  How can I glorify you?"  These three questions will help keep us on track.  David says in this verse that not only will the Lord watch over us but He also hears our cries.  The Lord will hear every prayer you utter.  He will send the right answer at the right time for the right reason.  He will order your steps as you trust Him.  The secret is to trust in Him.  God is the God of the perfect timing.  He is never early or late, He is always on time.  I love the phrase, "God and comedy have one thing in common they both rely on timing."  God will watch over you.  He will hear your cry.  He will answer your prayers and help you.  This is His promise and when you trust Him, it will be your reality.