God looks at the heart.

In Joshua 2, Rahab had heard about the Israelites and the things that they had done to the enemies of God.  God had been working on her heart when the Israelties spies arrived in Jericho.  Even though she was a harlot God used her to hide the spies from the men of Jericho.  Because of this act of kindness and faith she was spared.  She later became the wife of Salmon who was the son of the leader of the Jewish tribe of Judah.  There is such as lesson to learn here.  Here was a woman that from outward appearances was the lowest dregs of society, yet God saw her heart.  He lifted her from her situation of life through her faith place her in a place of prominence in history.  God can do the same for anyone.  If you have an unsaved loved one who is living a life of sin.  Don’t give up, God can do the same for them.  Just keep praying and beleiving God will be faithful to answer you prayers.  Your promises today are, Ps 37:3, Matt 7:7-8, 18:19-20, ans 21:22