God sets us free.

In Deut 6:12, the exhortation that we have from God’s word is that we must not forget the Lord our God, who brought us out of slavery.  Men can be in many different types of slavery.  It could be to the cults, alcohol, sex, violence, cigarettes and pornography.  Whatever slavery a man or woman are into they need to be set free.  I remember the time the local dope pusher camer into the church and got saved.  That was quite a sight.  The day before he was selling drugs to seven year olds at the local school yard.  The next day he was preaching to them about what had happened in his life.  Another time a woman had been praying for her separated husband for three years.  He got saved in one of our business meetings.  Christ came to set us free.  Let us never forget what the Lord has done for us through Jesus Christ.  It could be a great tragedy.  Your promises are Isaiah 41:10, 1 Cor 7:32, Phil 4:6, 1 Sam 17:47 and Psalm 34:4.