God to the rescue!

I love the bible and the lessons it gives.  In Gen 14:17-20, the account is told before the passage that Lot while he was living near the ity of Sodom was take by the nemies of Sodom.  Abraham went to rescue Lot and his family.  With the help of the Lord, Abraham along with his household army of 318 men defeated the enemies of Sodom.  He rescued Lot and brought back to the people of Sodom their possessions.  While on the way back Abraham met Melchizedek the High Priest of God.  He was the King of Salem and some believe that he was the King of Jerusalem.  It is interesting to see that Abraham gave Melchizedek 1/10 of all he had with him.  This shows that Melchizedek was greater than Abraham.  Many believe that Melchizedek was Jesus Christ in an Old Testament appearance.  Melchizedek blessed Abraham and thanked God for the victory He had given Abraham over his enemies.  On this day give the Lord proper place in your life.  If Abraham who was a great man of faith and the father of the faithful saw this need, so must we.  Christ Christ is not Saviour of your life but Lord as well.  Also if you find yourself in a trial of life, remember God is on His way to rescue.  Our promises today deal with Anxiety, Ps 34:3, 107:9, 127:2, Proverbs, 12:25, Matt 6:33-34, 28:20, Luke 12:22, 31, 1 Cor 10:13, Eph 3:11-12, Phil 4:6-7, 13 & 1 Pet 5:7