God ways and thoughts

In Isaiah 55:8-9, we learn that God’s ways and thoughts are greater and higher than ours will ever be.  One time I was preaching on this portion of scripture and I was really blessed that even God who is much above us is still cocnerned about us.  Isaiah reveals that the ways of God are so far above our understanding that even the greatest extent of our imagination cannot comprehend Him.   His thoughts are more exact and far reaching than anything man could think.  A young man told me one day that he knew a group of men that were very skilled in electronics.  These men were very proud of the fact that they could understand and produce such great feats of electronic wizardry.  These men made statements that even God would have trouble understanding what was going on.  This was a very ignorant thing to say.  If the God who made this world and set the rules that govern it into motion cannot understand a simple thing like an electronic gadget than He should be pitied.  God must laugh many times at the statements men make.  Isaiah brings out that God is greater than man will ever be.  One writer in the New Testament put it this way.  "Don’t think of yourself greater than you ought."  Just be thankful that God loves you and has a relationship with you through His Son Jesus Christ.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 23:4, 27:1, 34:4, 56:11, Prov 18:10 29:25, Isaiah 41:10, Matt 28:20 and 2 Thess 3:3.  Your insighful sayings are:  Your greatest enemy is the one you look at everyday in the mirror.  Peace is a reality when two people choose to set aside their differences and work together for the common good.