God with Us

Now I know that it is the beginning of May and this verse is more a Christmas verse but last week I started a program that will be listing all the promises of the New Testament and today our verse is Matt 1:23.  We learn from this verse that a virgin will concieve and give birth to a son.  The virgin birth is an essential truth to Christianity because if Jesus was not virgin born He would just be like all sinful man.  So when Matthew brought forth this truth He was stating that Jesus was different.  Jesus was the seed of the woman because He was not born in the usual way.  Then Matthew tells us that Jesus’ name would be Immanuel, "Which means God with us."  This is called incarnation, enfleshment or as Doctor Gordon Frankiln said, "Jesus was God with a face."  Jesus was God with us.  He was 100% God and yet 100% man.  He was the God man.  Virgin birth was what brought this about.  Paul puts itsimply. "He who knew no sin became sin for us."  Jesus never knew sin but on the cross allowed all the sins of mankind, past, present and future to be put on Him.  He who was perfect became inperfect for us.  What love, grace and mercy.  So today celebrate the fact that Jesus came and died in your place and that through His death, burial and resurrection you and I have salvation and the victory it brings.