God’s Blessing

In Eph 1:3, Paul says that God has blessed us with all spiritual blessing.  In this country of Canada we have many freedoms which other countries do not have.  We can worship the Lord in any manner we choose.  We can say anything we wish.  In Canada we can vote, read. play or do anything we wish within the law.  The Lord has really blessed the continent of North America.  The main reason for is the fact that our country started out with Christian values.  Yesterday we talked about the grace of God and it is this grace that keeps our country at this time.  We should always be thanksful for any blessings that God has given us, all courtesy of Jesus Christ.  We have many other blesseings, healing for the body, eternal life, victory over sin, death, hell and the grave.  Most of all He has given us power over the devil.  It is time we spend just a little time thinking and thanking God for all His wonderful blessings.  Your promises today are:  Prov 8:1, Deut 31:6, Rom 12:6-8, Phil 3:14 and Heb 12:1.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  A heart may be as wide as a canyon of as narrow as a crack it just depends on the love in it.  The world says you are beautiful because of yur hair, skin and clothes.  God says you are beautiful because of your soul, heart and conscience.