God’s Choice.

In 2 Sam 2:1-7, David was crowned king of Judah at the city of Hebron.  Saul was the choice of the people of Israel but David was God’s choice.  The tribe of Judah was in tune with with the mind of God.  They chose to make David their king seven years before the rest of the nation would.  Many times man has a choice for leadership but those they choose are not the right keaders.  Many a church has been destroyed because people look at the outside instead of the heart.  I remember one story how a pastor was looking for the right person to lead their children’s club.  Everyone thought this one particular person should do it.  Yet God laid this other person upon the pastor’s heart.  The pastor asked the people to pray about the matter and after much prayer the people chose the person who God had laid upon the pastor’s heart.  The group grew and God blessed.  It is so important to have the mind of the Holy Spirit when choosing leadership or in any matter of life.  Please remember that you must look at a person’s heart as well as their abilities.  The promises today are Matt 10:37-38, John 8:31, Acts 1:8 and Matt 28:19.