God’s Goodness

   I love the fact that I know that God is good.  This is not just a cliche or a little saying that we as Christians say.  It is a fact of life.  Over the years I have discovered this fact over and over.  God is good when things are going well and He is good even when things are not going well.  I remember a story of Corrie Ten Boon and Brother Andrew.  Corrie and Brother Andrew were visiting in Corrie house one morning.  Corrie had just purchased the house and she was showing him all the different rooms and the grounds.  Brother Andrew remarked, "God has been good to you."  Corrie looked at Brother Andrew with a stern look and remarked, "God is good in every situation, when I was in the concentration camp with my sister and the Nazi’s were hurting us, God was still good."   This story has affected me because through it I have learned that God is good no matter what circumstances we find our selves in.  The apostle Paul said, "Whatever circumstances I find myself in, I have learned to be content."  God’s goodness does not depend on our happiness and our happiness should not determine our view of God’s goodness.  God is good and He will always be good.  This is a fact and we must never forget.