God’s Signs

In Exodus 4:1-9, God showed Moses three signs that in turn he was to show the people that he was sent from God.  The first sign was, his staff would become a snake.  The second sign was, the his hand became leprous and then was whole again.  The last sign would be water taken from the Nile would turn to blood on the ground before the peole’s eyes.  When Jesus came to earth, the people of His generation were sign seekers.  This hurt Jesus because they would not believe His message unless they saw a sign.  There are many sign seekers today.  God however would rather His people walk by faith and not by sight.  Faith is not dependent on signs and wonders.  It is dependent on the Word of God which presents facts about the Lord.  The Bible states that God works in certain ways and says certain things.  The Bible is the final authority on faith and practice.  I think that it is important that we not stray from the teachings of the Bible.  When we do we can lose sight of God and put our eyes on men,  Signs and wonders have their place in the plan of God but faith should not depend on them.  Signs and wonders are designed to show the way to God.  Today let the Word of God dwell in you.  Read and meditate on it.  Memorize the word so that you can defeat the enemy.  Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the word.  Here are some Scriptures today to dwell on.  Acts 1:8, Matt 28-19-20, Mark 16:17-20 and Eph 2:8-9