God’s will instead of ours.

In Genesis 16, is the story of Hagar and Sarah, it is a story that teaches us what happens when people do things their way instead of God’s  Sarah up to this point still had no children.  Both she and Abraham knew the promise of God.  The promise was that Sarah would have a son.  When nothing seem to be happening, Sarah thought she would help God out by allowing Abraham to sleep with Hagar her maid servant.  When Hagar became pregnant then Sarah would take the child and raise them as her own.  One lesson to learn here is that when man tries to help out God something always goes wrong.  Hagar became proud and boasted of her pregnacy so much that Sarah became jealous.  Because of this jealousy Sarah treated Hagar terribly.  Hagar fled but an angel of the Lord brought Hagar back by telling her that her son whose named would be Ishamel would be a great man.  It is important to try not to hurry a promise the Lord has given you.  One must use wisdom to stay in the center of God’s plan.  It is easy to walk ahead or behind God.  It is harder to wait for God’s timing.  Today ask the Lord to give you wisdom to walk in His will.  Also, ask Him to help you not get to anxious and help you learn to be patient.  Good words for all of us.  Especially me.  The promises from the word today are about the subject of asking.  Psalm 2:3, 4:3, 20:4-5, Isaiah 45:11, Matt 7:7-8, 21:22, John 14:13-14, Eph 3:20, James 1:6, 4:2, and 1 John 4:14-15