God’s will that counts

God’s will counts – 1 Cor 7:19-20

Vs 19 – Paul puts this issue in its place in a simple and precise manner.  This issue is nothing.  It has become something but it really is nothing.  Keeps God’s command is what counts.  Samuel said that obedience is greater than any sacrifice.  Obedience is the key to opening God’s blessing.       Andrew Murray called it being in Christ’s School of Obedience.

Vs 20 – Paul tells his readers to remain in whatever situation they find themselves in when God called them.   He was encouraging them to be a light where they were.  There is a picture of a tree planted on a cliff.  It seems to almost falling out of the cliff but it is fresh and green.  The caption below is, “Grow where you are planted and prosper.  Let this be your thought for today.