Good gifts from Above

James is a wonderful writer and a great book to read from the Bible. Â James reminds us that every perfect gift from above. Â God today wants to give each one of us wonderful gifts of wisdom, love, acceptance and forgiveness. Â He gives wisdom that we may have skills for life and to know His will. Â Love is given so we may experience the fullness of inter personal relationships and demonstrate in a practical way the character and essence of God. Â God is love. Â We learn to accept people when we look at people the way God does. Â He is no respecter of persons. Â He sees the heart and not the exterior. Â We can do the same. Â Lastly, we can learn forgiveness and give to ourselves and others through the Lord. Â The Lord has forgiven us of all our sin and failures and we can do the same for others when we receive this gift. Â Today the Lord wants you to receive and then practice these gifts in our lives. Â It will change us and those we meet in our world for His praise and glory. Â Â Â