Good time to get direction!

   With the new year it is a great time to get direction and decide where you want to go with your life.  Here is a simple five fold plan that will help.  First, decide where you want to go.  The prophet Hosea says without vision people perish so get in your vision where you want to go.  Secondly, decide your priorities.  For me, it is do what God wants me to do, say, and be.  With this make sure you include God in your plans and through, prayer, the word, and good counsel make realistic plans.  Thirdly, make a plan and clarify the routes in which you want to see these plans accomplished.  Fourthly, implement the plan and follow your routes, making adjustments as you travel through out the year.  Remember you can get off course.  Lastly, enjoy the trip and be amazed what you accomplish for yourself and God.