Great promises

   A promise is a great thing.  It is the anticipation of something wonderful going to happen.  We all love promises especially when they are made by someone we know has the ability to fulfill them.  Peter writes that God has given us some great and abundant promises.  In 2 Pet 1:4, we learn that each one of these promises are given so that we can participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.  Peter makes it clear that the world causes corruption on the child of God.  The world never will be friendly to those who follow Christ.  In fact it will do everything to destroy your faith.  John said, "if you love the world you will be an enemy of God."  Peter has a solution.  Allow the Holy Spirit is regenerate your heart and change you from the inside out.  True change begins on the inside and then changes our attitudes, thoughts, words and actions.  When I came to know Christ my transformation was so dramatic that my own mother immediately recognized it and when I told her I came to know Christ.  She stated, "Well I don’t want any of that nut house religion."  Yet twelve years later she gave her life to Christ because she saw the transformation.  God through His word will help us claim each promise and let Jesus be your Saviour, Healer, transformer through the Holy Spirit and your soon coming King.  Be a promise claimer today.