Greater Service

In Acts 28:30-31, Paul had come through many hardships and trials to have the privilege to come to Rome and meet Caesar.  God was so gracious in putting in the hearts of the Romans to allow Paul to live in his owwn rented lodging.  Here with the expectation of meeting Caesar and bringing the  message of Christ to the city of Rome Paul was truly thankful.  He was a prisoner in name only.  When John Bunyan was put into prison for preaching the gospel, he looked at prison as a time to write a book.  It was in prison that John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress.  Many of our brothers in Communist and Islamic lands have not looked at their time in prison as a waste.  They have looked at it as a time to prepare for greater service.  Paul boldly preached without hindrance the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He welcomed all who would listen to him.  Watchman Nee was put into prison for preaching the gospel.  The officials committed many atrocities upon this man but he still preached and even won many of the prison officals to the Lord.  A prison can be an opportunity or a dungeon with no hope.  It just depends on your outlook.  Your promises today are Deut 33:35, Psalm 27:14, 28:7, 29:11, 66:28, 118:14, Isaiah 40:29, 41:10, Phil 4:13 and Eph 6:11.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  True security is not found in what you have in the bank but what you have in your heart.  When a person chooses a clean lifestyle it will influence all those around them.