Greatness defined

Greatness define – Matt 18:1-35, Mark 9:33-50 & Luke 9:46-62


Jesus’ disciples were struggling what greatness was, what love is and what patience should be.  Over the next two days because of the importance of these subjects we will look at them extensively.


1.       If you want to be great in the Kingdom, you have to come as a little child.  We must be willing to humble ourselves and become like little children.  If we welcome people of child like faith and love and work with children we are welcoming Jesus.

2.       There will terrible judgment if we cause one little child to spiritually or physically fall.

3.       We must be careful not to do things that will cause us to sin.  Purity brings power.  We are to get rid of anything that will keep us from the Kingdom.

4.       Those who have child like faith will see the Father.  The Lord is always seeking lost sheep.

5.       If a brother or sister sin against you, go to them alone and if they do not repent the next step is to take something with you that you both trust.  If there is still resolution to your impasse take two or three witnesses you both trust to resolve the matter.   If there is still no solution bring It before the church.  If there is still no resolution than you will have to break fellowship.

6.       This last point is so powerful.  What ever is bound on earth is bound and heaven and whatever is loosed  on earth is loosed in heaven.  Also if two or three touch anything on earth it shall be done for us in heaven.  This of course is dealing with  prayer and how powerful united prayer is.  Clearly these principles we have shared today were and are still revolutionary.