Green Pastures

Feb 22 – Psalm 23:2 – Green Pastures

     David is a shepherd who became King.  He was the Lord`s anointed and appointed.  David says the Lord will lead us into green pastures.  It is the dream of every sheep to be able to eat from lush green pastures especially in the semi arid area of Israel.  Back in 1986, I was in Israel during the fall rains.  One week before I had travelled through the arid Judean wilderness but after a week of rain green grass was growing everywhere.  The desert was green and lush.  This is what David was talking about.  The Lord will fulfill every need.

     He leads beside still waters.  It is a known fact that sheep will not drink from running or stirred up water.  It has to be perfectly calm.  David knew this and used this analogy.  The Lord will calm our often chaotic and disturbed world.  He will give rest, peace and calmness in life.  Trust the Lord and He will give you His peace.  What a promise absence from strife, chaos and war.  Claim these two great truths today.