Has your glory departed.

In 1 Sam 4:19-22, The glory of Israel had departed.  The ark of the covenant had been lost in battle because the people of Israel thought the thing that represented God would save themm.  Icon’s has always been a problem in the church.  People get to the place where they believe the Icon and not God will help them.  It is not the thing that represents God that saves, it is God Himself.  The people had forgotten about God.  They had allowed Phinehas and Hophni pollute the things of God.  It is true that the ark was captured by Philistia and that it was a great day of mourning and loss in Israel.  Yet it was their own fault that the ark was lost.  The people had forgotten about God.  They were relying on themselves more than God.  Pride in oneself has led many people into destruction.  Pride allows sin to blantantly expose itself.  People no longer come to God and then destruction comes.  Today do not let the glory go out of your life.  Do not let go of God and stay close to Him.  Always remember to put God first.  Your promises today are Matt 6:33, Prov 3:5-6, Isiah 41:10 and Ps 37:7.