Have fallen

Jan 31 – Have fallen – Rev 2:5

Vs 5 – The Lord asks them to consider and look how far they have fallen. He is asking them to have a time of self examination. This helps us to have a proper perspective of where we are. Paul tells the church in Corinth to examine themselves. Jesus was doing the same.
He then tells them to repent., to turn back and come back to their first place. Return to their first love. Go back to the beginning. They were a church known for their love. This is what He is telling them to do. Sometimes we have to do that to get our bearings again. Do the things that made us powerful and effective first. These would be prayer, the word, fellowship and evangelism.
Now this net statement is frightening. If they do not repent the Lord himself will come and remove their candlestick. Now some believe this is the pastor but it probably means that the Lord will sever His ties with them. They will cease as a church. Their influence, effectiveness and representation for Christ will end. This is a solemn warning, one that cannot be ignored. No church is beyond judgment.
Feb 1 – Nicolaitans – Rev 2:6