Have Mercy

May 4 – Have Mercy – Psalm 51:1-2

     We are going to spend the next few days in this wonderful psalm.  David in this psalm has sinned with Bathsheba and they were with child.  He then had her husband killed and when this was exposed by Nathan the prophet this psalm was a result of his repentance.  David first, asks for God`s mercy.  He knew that he was guilty but he was asking for God to have pity on him.  David then reminded the Lord of his unfailing love.  God love never fails.  According to you compassion David asks for God to blot out his transgression.  David was fully aware of his sin and the consequences of it.  He was asking for something he did not deserve.  We ask the same thing when we come to Christ.  We are relying on God`s grace, mercy and compassion like David.

     David in vs 2, that it was against the Lord and only the Lord that he had sinned even though David has sinned against himself, his family and his nation.  David had done evil in the sight of the Lord.  The Lord was right in what he had done in response to David`s sin.  The Lord was also justified in His judgment.  Yet David was asking for mercy.  Have you ever done or felt this way.  In that moment be thankful for 1 John 1:9, that says if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  What a great promise and reality.