He bore our diseases

In Matt 8:17, we find these powerful words, "Himself took our infirmities and bore our sickness."  Jesus would carry on His body all the infirmities and sickness and mankind when He died on the cross.  It is through the broken body of Jesus Christ that our healing comes.  Infirmities and sickness come in many forms.  It could be physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.  It could be a family or financial problems.  Jesus came to deal with these decisively.  We do not have to carry these diseases any longer.  Jesus came to set us free.  Remember he who the Son sets free is free indeed.  What a wonderful promise and reality.  Recently I received an email from a listener asking why I spoke so powerful and highly about the healing virtue of Christ.  I replied by stating that I believe that God did not want us sick and that based on this scripture and others I believe that sickness and disease had been dealt with on the cross.  Now I know there are others who do not share my view and that is perfectly fine but in my life and situation I want to see God heal.  Recently in the church that I pastor we saw a woman ask for prayer that God would heal her ear.  She was losing her hearing so we gather around her and prayed for her.  She came back a week later after seeing the doctor and reported that she not only had her hearing back but God had repaired her eardrum.  Your see the doctor had told her that her ear drum was broken and that is why she could not hear anymore out of that ear.  When she went back to him he saw a new ear drum.  He could not explain what had happen but he did say he had never seen anything like this.  God is good.  So today if you are sick, ask the Lord to heal you and this scripture and others will be your foundation for healing.