He Delivers

Dec 6 – He delivers – Psalm 144:10

In the previous verse David stated that he would praise the Lord on the ten string lyre. This gives us a picture of what type instruments David played. In this verse he states that he would praise the Lord to the one who gives victory over kings. There is no authority God cannot bring down. We see that in the way that the Lord humbled Nebuchadnezzer. God controls the authorities of this world. Each has a purpose though many times we do not know.

David stated that the Lord had and will continue delivering David. The reason is clear because David put the Lord first in his life. David was a man after God’s own heart. David kept short accounts with God and we should as well. Jesus said in Matt 6:33 that if we seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness first. All things will be added unto us. That means all things including divine protection. The gift of faith has been described as a protection gift because we put on the shield of faith that quenches every fiery dart of the wicked one. So today praise the Lord and walk in the faith and protection of the Lord.