He is coming

In Matt 3:11, John the Baptist was asked if he was the Christ or the Messiah.  His response was that he was not and that he was not even worthy of untying the Messiah’s shoe laces.  John understood his role.  He told his audience that he was the voice of one calling in the wilderness.  John understood why he had come into this world.  God had made it plain to him from the beginning.  Last night in a Bible Study I asked the people there what they wanted to be when they were 11.  Each told me what they wanted to be and to my surprise not one had done their dream.  It is amazing how many of us have a clear vision of what we want to be at 11 and how life and circumstances dictate our role in life.  To my surprise I was the only one who was living my dream.  You see when I was 11, I wanted to be a writer and radio announcer.  Guess what I have made it.  My dream was changed a little by God’s will.  God wanted me to preach the gospel but He also allowed me to live my dream.  When you do God’s will it is amazing how He will also allow you to fulfill your own dream.  John was called to preach about Jesus.  Jesus then would come not long afterward and do His call and dream.  Then the Holy Spirit would come and immerse us with fire.  Each person has a role and dream to fulfill.  So today pursue God’s dream and be what you were called to be.