He is gracious.

In Isaiah 30:18, we learn that the Lord is gracious.  He wants to give you His grace and mercy.  This comes through Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was and is the personification of God’s love.  Jesus was God with a face.  When you see Jesus you see the Father and when you see the Father you see Jesus.  When Jesus ministered to people He always touched them with grace and mercy.  Then Isaiah said, that the Lord is compassionate.  The Lord loves each one of us.  He will rise up and show us His compassion. Compassion is love with a hint of pity and mercy.  You see a person for who they really are.  The Lord knows that every one of us from time to time need mercy and pity.  We are not as strong as we make out to be.  Most of our strength is just a mask.  We put up good fronts.  We are all vulnerable and need help.  The Lord will bring justice.  That means He will always do what is right for us.  Isaiah then closes off this verse by saying that those who wait on the Lord will have every promise God says He will do.  If you wait for God’s timing He will be faithful.  Paul says in Romans that every man may be a liar but the word of God is true.  So today.  Receive the grace, mercy, compassion and justice of the Lord as you wait on Him.  He will deliver all of these in His perfect timing.