He is now Revealed

He is now Revealed – Rom 16:26-27

Vs 26 – He has now been revealed.  Jesus is God with a face.  He has been revealed to the world.  He was made known through prophetic writings.  More than 300 prophecies were written and fulfilled through Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Malachi Jesus was revealed.  His revelation and appearance were done by the command of the eternal God.  This name shows that Jesus like the Father have no beginning and no end.  Jesus was given so that all nations might believe and then in their belief will obey Him.  

Vs 27 – Paul closes off this letter by stating that God is the only wise one.  Glory, honor and praise belong to Him.  This wonderful salvation came through Jesus Christ.  He is the avenue of our salvation and the object of our worship.  This is end our devotion on Romans.  Amen.